Love in the time of Board Games, Golf, and Zombies

We need to invest in some new board games.  Sure, some of the ones we own are fun, but most of them are intended for more than just the two of us.  Others, like Risk, I just adamantly refuse to play (sorry, my love).  Some, however, lie dormant and collect dust in the closet of the guest room, awaiting the day that my mother-in-law comes over and insists we play Monopoly.

And so she came, and so we did.

Now, let me tell you something about Monopoly.  If there were a word that could represent all that is good, positive, healthy, and beautiful in the world and then you took that word and searched for its antonym, it would be would Monopoly; active games of Monopoly have been known to increase the risk of cancer; ever feel that a prickling on back of your neck whilst cleaning out the attic or walking into a dark basement? a game of Monopoly was once played in that space and someone PROBABLY died.

The point is that Monopoly rips families, relationships, and minds apart.

Until mommy-in-law came to visit, I'd literally never finished a game of Monopoly.  After 3 hours and a sweeping victory by Brandon, I cried and gave thanks that it was over and vowed to never play again.  Until the next day, of course, when the two of them wanted to play.  And then the next day.  And then the next.

In all seriousness, though, it was really nice having ma here with us for the week.  We got a chance to show off our favorite places to eat in DFW, enjoyed taste-testing some of Brandon's crazy-amazing meatball gloriousness (he was prepping for Aventino's contest), and even got her to admit some places are better than Pizza Inn.

pic of said meatball gloriousness

After ma left, the spirit of gaming stayed with us and though I refused to play a two-player round of Monopoly with him, I was absolutely down to play Scrabble.  It even turned into an every-other-night ritual for a while, so that was really fun!  Then, Brandon tried using the spirit of gaming for his own personal gain and it almost destroyed me.

He wanted to go to Top Golf (uuuuugh, golf) and I said, "Alright alright, let's go; we'll find a spot where it can be just the two of us and you can play to his heart's content while I read or play video games."  So, I packed my favorite Totoro tote bag with the 3DS, some yarn in case I felt like crocheting on the sort-of-long trip there, and a copy of Stephen King's newest collection of stories, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.  Though golf (as with most sports) does nothing for me, I do enjoy watching him play, but ooooh no, that wasn't enough for him this time.  "Try it!" he insisted, and I refused.

"Come on, try it!"

"Nuuuuu, I've never done it, I'll look ridiculous, and everyone will laugh at me.  On the inside, which is even worse."


And ugh, you guys, I love this man so much that I was willing to let the anxious feelings of embarrassment tear my soul in twain in order to make him happy.  My hands shook, I simultaneously felt cold and sweaty, and I sensed an all too familiar numbness creep down my spine that left me feeling as if nearby, someone was playing a game of Monopoly.  I took a few swings and Brandon cheered and made me feel as if hitting the ground once or twice was totally normal.  On our way back home, you could've seen the brilliance of his smile from the moon.

me, with a terrible stance, being terrible

He was SO giddy, in fact, that he said he'd be willing to play or watch anything with me.

"Anything? No complaints?"


We fixed some dinner, sat on the couch together, and believe it or not, he watched the entire second episode of The Walking Dead with me without falling asleep (he'd previously seen the first but admitted it didn't really do anything for him)!  Get this: not only did he watch the episode with me, he let me pause a few times to unnecessarily explain and ramble about which characters I disliked, what he'd have to keep an eye out for, etc.  He totally let me go into hyper geek-mode and I very rarely put him through that, 'cause I get a little self-conscious and know he's generally just not into my flavor of nerdy stuff.  He listened to me go on and on without even picking up his phone and when it was over, he looked into my eyes and with perfect nonchalance said, "I could get into this show."

A few weeks and two seasons later, I still giddily squeal each time he sits down with dinner and asks "Walking Dead, babe?"  I guess, y'know, that it wouldn't kill me to play a little more golf with him; it's more than fair.


  1. I love this!

    Trent and I alternate picking shows, one person will pick and the other person has to give it at least one season before called it quits. This is how I found I loved Parks and Rec and how he, the zombie hater, got into TWD. I also got him into GOT. ;)


    1. ooOOOOooh, i've yet to watch GOT. and i like your system! i'll have to convince him to give it a try. he may not like the idea of an entire season though. hahaha <3