One Year Since

One year ago, we said "I do."

I giggle-cried, unsurprisingly, while he smiled and never let the blue of his eyes leave my face; we awkwardly kissed in front of Carl Fredricksen, from Up, and our two new friends from the frigid North; and rings were placed around our fingers and our hearts.

Then, the flow of time returned to normal.  The day that felt like it could last forever came to an end and we flew back to Texas.  Back to where the world demanded our attention.  Back to where the focus of our lives wasn't just us.

And now twelve months have passed.  We've laughed, we've grown, we've disagreed, and sometimes, we've even driven in silence.  We've gone to work and stayed up late, worrying about what needs to be done or fixed or taken care of, both wishing that there'd be more time for us to just sit down and relax, together.  It's been a particularly long and stressful year...

But we're always together, even when we're not.  No matter what annoyances drive us to the point of awkward car rides, I know that I am still happy each night when my eyes dip down to sleep and he is next to me.  And I look forward to more.  I look forward to a better year, with a focus purposely directed at ourselves, rather than the world outside of us; I look forward to days, months, years of gentle snoring that lulls me into the next day; I look forward to each day's "I'm home!" whether it's from him or me; and I look forward to each time those beautiful blue eyes remind me of that moment when I realized how tired his smile was from having smiled without pause, that time he never dropped his eyes from mine as we said "I do."