4, 40, 400 Years More

Four years ago, I met the most amazingly fantastic person in the world.  Since then, I've had a heartbeat to listen to, a voice to sing with, a hand to hold... not simply a balance to my existence, but the beginning and end to it, as well.

We've gone through so much that a few years have simultaneously felt like decades and minutes. So, with just a few bullet points, I want to note some random little things that add up to a sum greater than anything I could've ever imagined.
  • Om ♥
  • ticklies and scratchies
  • "Buuuh-fly kisses!" -> in Wall-E / HomestarRunner's voice
  • Yelling "WAKE UP!" in conjunction with a quick slap to the chest, in order to wake the other from their qiuck-nap...while driving.
  • Sia concert ♪
  • Quick kiss under the towel
  • Changing the lyrics to ANY song to benefit us
  • Reply with an "i love you"...even while asleep
  • ...you can never say it too many times
  • EVERY delicious meal
  • Buying a house together
  • Blowing spit-bubbles in the car, like kids
  • One day, while we were at dinner, I saw you looking dreamily passed me.  We're so comfortable with each other, I asked if he was cute, and more your type or mine, since I heard a waiter's voice speaking to another table.  You replied with a face denoting that you honestly had no idea what I was talking about.
    "...the guy. the one you're making googley-eyes at."
    And you said, "What guy? The waiter? No, gross.  I was staring at their steak!"
I love you for each of these little things and for so much more...
Thank you for making me a better person.
Thank you for encouraging me to do more than I could've ever believed I could.
Thank you for being the only spark to ever light my otherwise unshakably stagnant motivation.

"...i love you and i will marry you"


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    1. thanks, Heather. ^_^ <3

      when i wished him a happy anniversary, he said "one more year and it means we're legit, right?"

      "WHAT??!!! we've been legit for 4!!"

      and he just laughed. :D