an unshared love of breakfast foods / thankful

So hubs got us tickets to Mahler 5 a little bit ago, and while he was beyond excited (seriously, giddily jumping-up-and-down excited), I was...less so.

Not that I wasn't excited to go and have a date night with him or anything like that.  See, if I'm not well-versed in the story, meaning, background or history of a piece of work (be it music, ballet, concert, movie, theatrical show, etc), then I may as well listen to white noise and let it put me to sleep...because that's exactly what always happens.

Sat down with friends to see a movie I know nothing about? Fell asleep.

Got an invite to my first opera, La Bohème?? Fell asleep.

Sat next to hubs and watched him quietly and adorably conduct the lovely group from our seats....... and then I fell asleep (I'm serious, it's awesome.  He gets so into watching the performance that he has no idea that his head is nodding along and his hands have begun to direct).

But it's ok.  He's never gotten upset with me for not experiencing music in the same fashion that he does. We both understand that he has this uncanny ability to continuously dissect music into all its various parts and hear them all as if they each taking turns playing for him.  I think of it as his very own superpower.

I've always been intrigued by the small nuances that make people different from everyone else, and the hubs is no exception.  It may require me to give a little extra effort to be able to enjoy the things that he does, but he does the same for me.  A few years ago, he swore up and down that he hated cats and that he'd never try anything as disgusting as sushi.  But, time passed, and he fell in love with Camus and later Lebowski, and now he spends time and effort finding us delicious places to eat twice our weight in fishy delicacies!

And so, the point is...on this first day of the month of thanks, I'm reminded, as I am on many days, of how lucky I am to have met this ridiculous guy. We may not always want to eat the same things, or watch the same stuff, listen to the same music, or go to sleep at the same time, but I wouldn't choose anyone else with whom I may squabble over such tiny and insignificant things.  I've nothing but thanks and appreciation to give for helping me become the man I am today.



  1. Gilbert - I love your writing, and learning more about you and Brandon. I feel very lucky to have you both in my life. Hugs and loves.

    1. thanks so much, Carole. i'm glad our idea to have a blog specifically meant for moooshy us-related stuff hasn't bored you (yet)!

      all seriousness, thanks. we're lucky to have **you** :)