Our Origin Story

Many of our friends and family actually don't know how Brandon and I met, and so I've decided that it'd be the perfect story with which I could start off this new blog.  It's a bit cheesy and definitely creepy at times, but that's us.

So, you know all those little eHarmony commercials?  You know...the ones that show various couples hugging, giggling, and touching each other's arms while a caption reads something like "thanks, eHarmony! together since 1994!"  Well, hubs and I always joked that we'd one day make a commercial of our own, only our caption would be more along the lines of "thanks, Myspace! together since 2008!"  That's right, just before Myspace became that outdated thing that people now make jokes about, it served as the medium through which I met the hubs.

See, there was this browsing-function on it, where you could make friends with people that lived around you, and Brandon happened to be one of the ones that popped up.  Aside from his dashing good looks, his little profile-thingy was worded almost word-for-word like mine (no, I hadn't said something cliche or anything).  I sent him a friend-request, then sat back and waited.

Now entering impatient creeper-mode.

I nervously worried about two things: one, that he wouldn't accept my request, and that he'd miss out on one of the best friendships, ever; and two, that he would never see my request, as Facebook had become more prominent and Myspace was becoming the stuff of beautiful memories.

I did what any self-respecting person on a mission would do... I probably waited no more than half-an-hour, and then I searched high and low for him on the newer aforementioned means of social interaction.  Now get this...not only did I find him... his phone number was listed.


I texted him immediately, but I was honest.  I came clean about being a creepy-stalker-guy, and explained my worry in never being able to speak with him.  Not only did he understand, he found it funny.

Jackpot part deux.

It was December 23rd and he was actually on his way to the airport, to visit family in Georgia for the holiday, and we both annoyed our respective families and friends by completely ignoring them for the next few days.  We'd wake up around 6 or 7 in the morning and stay on the phone until 3...at night, at which point, we'd watch each other fall asleep mid-conversation, via skype, romantic-nerd style.

When it was finally time for him to fly back, he asked if I would mind picking him up from the airport, so that he wouldn't have to get a taxi.  I said yes, but I freaked out on the inside.  I'd never driven around the airport by myself before, and I knew it could get a little crazy.  So, I called dad and asked for instructions on how to do so, and told him that I'd be picking up a friend late that night (this leads to a hilariously small insight into my family, later - don't forget!!).

His plane arrived around midnight.  We had talked nonstop for days, we'd become friends, and so we agreed that upon our first physical meeting, we wouldn't be weird and awkward and do anything stupid like shake hands, shuffle nervously, or anything cheesy, like give gifts or flowers or anything.  We promised to start with a hug.

So he lied.  He showed up with tons of dark-chocolate, knowing that it was my utter downfall, the jerk. However, true to our word, we hugged and he held my hand, while my goofy smile lit up the freeway.  We drove to his apartment in Lewisville and decided to play Loaded Questions, the board game.  One is supposed to take these little cards with questions on them and ask them to a group of friends while pawn-like pieces travel around a colorful board.  Instead, we just took turns reading all the questions and giving our answers, in order to learn more about how the possible psycho-killer in front of us was so creepishly perfect.

Now, at this point in the story, it's very important to note that, although I officially lived with my parents in Fort Worth, I worked at the Lewisville Public Library.  I worked at that library, because I used to live in Lewisville with an ex, where I would occasionally stay, because I was going to school in Denton (Lewisville is an hour away from Fort Worth, but only 15 minutes away from Denton).

It got late, it was after 3am, and I had work in the morning.  Brandon insisted that I stay the night - it wouldn't make any sense to drive the hour to Fort Worth, sleep for a couple of hours, then make the hour-long trip back to work, which was only five minutes away from his place - because, we were adults, and we'd behave ourselves.

So I did.

I woke up that morning, terrified that I'd made some huge mistake.  What if the last few days' mysterious perfection was too good to be true?  What if he'd just made friends with me in order to get a free ride back from the airport??  What if, as I was about to walk out the door, this douche would say something stupid and cliche and mean, like "Thanks, I'll call you" ???

 Instead, he hugged me, kissed my cheek, and offered me a key.

..............A key!!!

"I never want you to stay anywhere else but here," he said. "We've gone our entire lives wishing we had met each other sooner, so let's never spend another moment alone."  And so, on December 29th, the day I met the silly oaf I now call best friend, partner, and husband, I moved in.

((After work, I drove to Fort Worth to pick up some of my stuff and I was greeted by my lovingly protective mother's despair...but not at my moving or meeting someone, mind you.  "Your father told me you were going to the airport, but he didn't know where you were going!! I thought you were going to fly off somewhere and you couldn't be bothered to call and let me know!!!"  Classic. ^_^))


  1. <3 If I ever have a love story half as unique, cheesy, and teeth-achingly sweet, I will count myself so very lucky. You deserve very happiness in life and I hope that you and Brandon have many wonderful years together.

    1. a thousand thank yous, Ann. :)
      let's hunt you down a unique and cheesy love story!! i'm obviously really REALLY good at being creepy and getting away with it!! >:D